3 days playing with Rust (and I love it!)

About this article

Why Rust?

Setup the environment




Struct definition used to load each row in our csv file
how_old method used to know the years since a show was released
  • Each statement ends with semicolon. If the last statement in a function doesn’t end with semicolon, it will be interpreted like the return of the function. The both following examples are the same.
return keyword can be omitted
use return keyword
  • self keyword permits access to the object attributes and methods.
  • By default, the variables are inmutables. To make them mutables we need to use the keyword mut.
error: cannot borrow `items` as mutable, as it is not declared as mutable
Correct definition of variable items
Alias used to name a vector of shows
Parser trait to be implemented by csv parser
String variables could use this new function to_vector


We can define mods, structs or just functions

Custom errors

FileNotFound error definition
Throwing our own errors


Code organization


Functional programming

Sample of use in Rust

Source code

  • Documentation of crate serde (used to serialize the domain) can be found here https://serde.rs/

What can you do next?

  • Create a new executable file. (Modify Cargo.toml and create a new file in bin directory)
  • Print the title (in uppercase) of the shows whose release date is lees than 3 years.(and any other query that you want to try).
  • Code an implementation for loading the file netflix.json in resources directory. The command should be

Must read articles & tutorials

My feeling




If tech can change the world... why don't we use it to make it better? https://www.linkedin.com/in/ivan-corrales-solera/

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Iván Corrales Solera

Iván Corrales Solera

If tech can change the world... why don't we use it to make it better? https://www.linkedin.com/in/ivan-corrales-solera/

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