Build your own Agenda Notifier in Google Drive with Javascript

Check out the Spreadsheet template

Download the Spreadsheet from here. This is a very simple spreadsheet that contains a sheet per each month and all of them looks like this

  • Notified (From/Till): We introduce the range of days of the month in which we want to be notified.
  • Done: There’s a selectable in which the only option is “completed”.

Open the script editor

Click on Tools and then Script editor

Let’s code our notifier!

Google offers us an awesome API’s to interact with Google services such as Gmail, Documents, Contacts among others. The editor provide us with a very nice Content assist (ctrl+Backspace) that will show us the available options.

  • We iterate over all the rows and we push in the array the tasks that should be notified today and they have not been completed yet.
  • Document is sent by email to the email account in variable emailTo
  • Remove the temporary document

Run the main function and retrieve an email

Create a trigger and be notified

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