Could Koazee be for Go like lodash is for NodeJS?

When you introduce in GO, you could miss some functionalities provided by other languages such as Java or NodeJS. That was the reason why I decided to implement Koazee.

Koazee is a streamLike, immutable, lazy-loading and smart Golang Library to deal with slices.

After a few months of hard work and awesome contributions from other developers Koazee provides 23 operations. A few of them are shown below through real scenarios.

Learning to use Koazee by examples

For following the examples we are given a list of albums with the below information.

type Song struct {
Title string
Duration time.Duration

type Album struct {
Title string
Artist string
Label string
Year int
Songs []*Song
var albums = []*Album{

var stream = koazee.StreamOf(albums)

Full code and data can be found here

  • Sort the albums by the number of tracks and then print both the title of the album and the number of tracks.
  • Print duration for a given album
  • List tracks for a given album sorted by title (asc) , and the reverse list
  • Print the title of the albums labeled by ‘Columbia Records’

To check the full list of operations implemented by Koazee, have a look at Koazee repository

You can check out the code of these example here

Feedback and suggestions will be more than welcome!!


If tech can change the world... why don't we use it to make it better?

If tech can change the world... why don't we use it to make it better?